“A Washington state mother is speaking out on her decision to turn her 17-year-old son into the authorities, after she found detailed plans in his journal for carrying out a school massacre to commemorate the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.” [Article Source]

We thank God for this mother and despite how hard it was for her, she called the police and potentially saved the lives of many, including her own son. Let’s pray for the minds and hearts of our children and in this case especially our sons. May their thoughts be in line with the love of God for themselves and others.

“Father God, we pray for the minds of sons all across this country and this world. May every negative and evil thought inserted into their hearts and minds be found out and replaced with Your Love and Purpose.


We pray for single mothers, raising their children alone, to have the support they need to care for their children, and especially their sons.


May they find the purpose and will of God for their lives.


We pray this in Jesus Name, Amen!”