Who We Are

Our goal is to be a resource for those who want to pray with other believers to find a conference call held early in the morning or at other times during the day for them to join in on. Of course, praying with other Christ-like believers is not a biblical requirement, though we are instructed to fellowship together and pray for one another.

Our prayer calls are also not intended to substitute your personal time spent with God.  However, it can reinforce or even restart a prayer life that may be slipping or is not as disciplined as you’d like.

By taking a few minutes together in prayer, we believe it can help enhance your personal time with God by dedicating daily time to talk to Him and by practicing His presence in prayer with other believers.

Discipline and good habits don’t come naturally, they must be developed. if you want to pray on a regular basis, you must develop that habit. Joining a prayer call can help to develop the desire of daily contact with God as well as becoming a vehicle to get God involved in various things in our lives like our families, communities and situations throughout the world.