Please speak and declare this prayer aloud to send the Angels of God out on assignment based on these words and prayer in Jesus Name!

Father God, I pray a covering over our children as they travel too and from school.


Father God, I stand against every demonic force that may try and use a person to enter a school to steal, kill and destroy!


Father God, I send the Angels of God to protect every school across The United States and in every country across the world.


I cancel the plans of the enemy and I declare Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done in America and over the children, in Jesus Name!


Right now, in the Name of Jesus, I declare that the devil HAS NO RIGHT to hurt any child in Jesus Name and I command the Angels of God to protect every child connected to me in anyway, in Jesus Name!


I command the Angels of God to destroy every demonic force that will ever position itself against children right now! In Jesus Name!


I declare that children are protected right now in the Name of Jesus.


Father God, every person who purposely hurts, molests, rapes or abuses a child, I declare Your Judgement against them and may they be removed from causing hurt right now, in Jesus Name!


I plead the Blood of Jesus over every child connected to me and I declare that all the safety and protection that Jesus’s Blood has purchased for us to manifest in our lives like a shield in Jesus Name!


I receive it as done, in Jesus Name, Amen, Amen and Amen!