I’ve been substituting at a elementary school since the beginning of the year and this recent bill from the government requiring transgender bathrooms has already began to impact the kids. Please pray that our government begins to acknowledge more than just the laws they make, but also the impact that they are making upon the minds of our kids.

I walked pass one boy yelling down the hallway, “Im gay! I’m going in the girl’s bathroom.” While the girls tried to keep him out. Another boy, was upset about it so much that he threatened to use a gun against anyone that would force him to go to a school like that and said he would drop out because of it.

It’s not about pointing fingers or talking down on someone with a gender identity issue. Everyone that is experiencing these types of issues have probably had some type of situation happen in their life where a perverted person took advantage of them. Maybe a boy was molested by a perverted man, or a young girl by a man she honored. When these types of destructive situations happen, a person tries to make sense of the traumatic experience and begins to accept the feelings that come as a result of it as normal, even when THEY ARE NOT NORMAL or GOD’S WILL for their life!

Whatever it may have been, there’s a reason people feel different and a door that was opened in their life that was not God’s will. It’s through prayer and honesty, that these peoples lives can be healed and restored but we as Christ followers need to express love instead of hate.

So please pray for our kids and this situation to be solved by God’s grace and understanding.