Between 1 and 5 percent of U.S. adoptions get legally dissolved each year. Some children are put up for “second-chance adoptions. [Article Source Link]

From this article link and statistic, it brings up a topic to pray for that I never considered but is important to God. Of all the children in need of love and support, what happens to a child when they feel connected to a family and they lose that identity and security?

Please pray this prayer with us:

Father God, we pray for every child that’s been un-adopted and we speak Your Peace, Your Comfort and Your Purpose over them now from the Kingdom of God.


We pray over their hearts and minds to be strengthen despite what they may be going through. We come against and reject every plot of evil against them and we agree with Your Plans for their lives.


We pray for every child that’s in the foster care and adoption system.


May Your Grace and Mercy surround them all and help them to find the purpose and identity that is in line with how you see them. We ask and declare this in Jesus Name.