Please read the prayer below and agree with us for safety and protect for all the families and children in Ukraine!

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AP Exclusive: Children in Ukraine’s war zone

“Father in the Name of Jesus, we pray for all of the families and all of the children affected by the war in Ukraine.


We declare safety and protection over families, over parents, over children and over elders in Ukraine on today.


Father in the Name of Jesus, we ask that You cover them right now despite what’s going on around them. May Your presence rest upon them in Jesus Name.


Father, we ask that You bring an end to this war in Ukraine and may Your Grace and Your Mercy rule and reign in Jesus Name.
We believe and we receive this right now in Jesus Precious Name


And we come against wars and rumors of wars may Your Grace and Your Presence rule and reign in America and across this world in Jesus Name.


Help us as Your Sons and Daughters to pray against all war, against hatred, against racism and against all the destruction that comes from the kingdom of darkness in Jesus Name, Amen!”